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3 weeks program for over 50 years old volunteers

Program Overview


In the heart of the Mediterranean, on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Albania, the land of eagles, still relatively unspoiled by globalization, offers an inspiring mixture of civilizations and cultures. Albanian history and culture is fascinating. Butrint, one of the world's archeological wonders - and a Unesco World Heritage site - in the south of Albania provides a glimpse of Mediterranean civilization from the Bronze Age through the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman periods. This ancient country still offers something increasingly rare in Europe – a glance into a culture that is all its own. Raised on a diet of separation and hardship, Albania is distinctly Albanian.



The group participants will be welcomed at the airport by a representative of Experiment Albania. A three days orientation will be provided upon arrival in Tirana. This program orientation will cover basic information about customs, values and daily life in Albania. Basic Albanian language course will be provided to the group participants, in order to enable them to communicate with the local people. This orientation concludes with the exploration of Tirana, the capital of Albania, visiting many cultural and historical buildings like National Historic Museum, Mosque of Et’hem Bej, Ottoman bridge of Tabakeve, etc.



The group will spend one week, working on a volunteer project in the city or in the village. Through this valuable activity, the group will make a contribution to the community, gaining new skills and experiences. Among the available projects, it can be the working in orphanage (animation with children, helping the teachers, the cookers of orphanage, arranging the garden, painting the classes, rooms of orphanage), the working for different local NGO’s and their projects, teaching in urban or rural schools, working with street children and disabled people or community work in rural villages such as working in a primary school, etc



Exploring the north or the south of Albania, the group participant will live with Albanian host families and will experience the famous “Albanian warm hospitality”, as it is mentioned in the Albanian expression: “Bukë, kripë dhe zemër” (Bread, Salt and warm heart). The homestay will be in Theth, a remote village in Northern Albania. The accommodation in the cities will be in private apartment or in hotel.



Throughout the program, the group will explore and enjoy the natural wonders of Albania, including the most important historical and cultural places of this country. The group will have the possibility to visit the museum of Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg, the traditional bazaar and ethnographic museum in the city of Kruja, Rozafa castle, on the hill of Shkodra city, the museum of iconography “Onufri” and the castle of Berat, on the hill of the City, the archaeological site and the Archaeological Museum of Butrinti, the most visited site in Albania, the museum of weapons and the castle of Gjirokastra, on the hill of the city, etc.

Start Dates

This program is offered every year during the period May – September, starting from the beginning of the month.

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